Welcome to "Daugavas Druka" typography home page!
Our printing house «Daugavas Druka» offers our customers full range of polygraph services. We create the design and try to make all your ideas come true. We guarantee high quality in the minimum possible time.

Products which can be ordered in our company:

  • brochures, booklets, tickets, leaflets, posters;
  • catalogues, magazines, calendars ;
  • business cards, forms, notebooks, cards and invitations;
  • cardboard package, labels, tags, stickers, clips;
  • and many more …

We also offer any type of post-treatment:

  • numeration, perforation, folding
  • stamping, scoring
  • collating, patching, stitching, binding
  • and many more …


Printing house «Daugavas Druka» is a modern company specializing in polygraph services. The main goal of our company is delivering high-quality services in the minimum possible time. discover more about us »